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(Updated on 2024/04/08)
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ABCI users identity verification
ABCI利用者全員について、(1) 下記の本人確認を実施したか、または、(2) ABCI利用者は産総研に雇用されていることを確認、のいずれかを確認した。
I agreed that all of the ABCI users' identity verification were completed.
I confirmed all of the ABCI users' identity verification by either way, (1) Identification of all ABCI users was confirmed, or (2) ABCI users are employed by AIST.

(The ABCI user representative should verify the identity of all ABCI users by one of the following methods.)

1 顔写真付き身分証明書(社員証等)。顔写真付き身分証明証とは、以下の記載が存在し、利用者の所属する法人が利用者の身分を第三者に対して保証していると判断できるものをいう。
Organization issued identification card with a photo of the face (employee ID card, etc.).
The organization to which the user belongs to guarantees the identity of the user to a third party, with a photo ID containing the following information:
(1) 利用者の氏名と顔写真
User's name and photo of the face
(2) 利用者の所属する法人名
Name of the organization to which the user belongs
(3) 利用者の所属する法人が利用者の身分を認める旨の記述
A statement that that the organization acknowledges the identity of the user either printed on the photo ID or in a separate certificate letter on company letterhead.

2 利用者の所属する法人が発行する顔写真なし身分証明証と、研究所の指定する運転免許証等の顔写真付き証明書の写し
There is no photo ID issued by the organization to which the user belongs to. The organization will submit a certificate and a copy of an ID with a photo of the face such as a driver's license, etc. Examples of acceptable alternate IDs:
(1) 運転免許証
Driver's license
(2) 旅券
(3) マイナンバーカードまたは住民基本台帳カード(ただし、個人番号通知カードは除く)
My number card or Basic resident register card (except personal number notification card)
(4) 在留カード
Residence card
(5) その他研究所が認めるもの
Other types of document recognized by the organization